New Toyota Prius

Toyota have released some new images of the Toyota Prius that is due to arrive on our market in 2016 and we like what we see. Obviously the big talking point with the Prius is fuel economy, and Toyota have made some pretty big claims when it comes to this new model claiming that it will “establish new benchmarks in fuel economy”, they make this claim without too many details thought they have mentioned that the Prius will be the first model to use the Toyota New Generation Architecture Platform.


This new platform is expected to be used across all new Toyota models so you can expect it in the next updated Toyota Verso etc. It is also expected to increase fuel economy to around 90mpg and CO2 emissions to 70g/km. This platform has also allowed Toyota to style the Prius in a more sleek way.  We are expecting the Prius to go up in price thanks to this update, possibly to the mid 20s.